There are three different ways to insert Images into your Site.
  1. From the 'INSERT' tab            - Best for images used on one page
  2. From the 'Google +' tab          - Best for multiple images
  3. From the 'Site Attachments'    - Best used with an image that is repeatedly used throughout the entire Site

Image Best Practices:  Do not use images that have a copyright or trademark on them. Only use CLEAR CLEAN images.  Sometimes the picture that captures the moment is not the best one - don't use it.  Images that are not in focus will make your entire site look old and dull.  To keep your viewers coming back for more, change the images on your site form time to time.

REMOVE THE IMAGE LINK - By default your images will have a link connected to them.  You don't want viewers to click on your images and be taken away from your site so remove the image link. If you do want to use an image as a link or button, change the link to the correct location.